//Death is a funny thing// by daydreamnotebook featuring a floral dress
//it all changed when the fire nation attacked// by daydreamnotebook featuring a red jacket
//I’m the little emo kid that’s 18 and doesn’t give a care in the world// by daydreamnotebook featuring a black moto jacket

Back to School Make-Up

Back to School Make-Up

tumblr_nafigjWgm11skc48uo1_500I know I know, you are dreading those words “Back to school” but don’t shoot the messenger! Some of you may be just starting high-school or may be this is your last year. What ever the case here is some great make-up that I recommend for an easy (and not that expensive) back to school makeup! (I’m basically telling you the make-up that I have, or had, since it’s not much but totally what you need…

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Death’s Song Has Been Sung

Death’s Song Has Been Sung

Say hello to days ahead
Say goodbye to words unsaid
I am no longer living free
But rather under lock and key
I am a slave to my own ways
And all time is in a daze

No matter how hard you try
All I hear is a lie
I have shut everyone out
When asked what this is about
Now for the truth to be told
Listen because I am quite bold

Once I loved a man
In a far off land
But a joker was he
and fooling only me

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Life http://wp.me/s3QDDY-life

Love and pain Loss and gain. All just part of the Unending game. I guess if we were To stop and believe In something more A smile would host permanent On every frowning canvas. Bleeding hearts are stabbed We lovers are one and the same. Who would care to hold a frail body, broken and bruised? Why would we stop and think about those around us? Loving, hating, all part of the unending game. The…

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//if anyone needs me I’ll be the little sad emo kid crying in the corner of the room// by daydreamnotebook featuring a pink iphone caseShort and long dress / Jacket, $58 / Wet Seal cork wedge sandals / Buckle purse / Lacey Ryan chain jewelry / ALDO bracelet jewelry / Steel jewelry / Pink iphone case

I can now fly

I can now fly

(Just a little poem/short story thing that I wrote)

I can now fly

Ragged breathing.

I open my eyes. I can hear the beeping of the machine. Then I see it. I’m in the hospital. There’s an IV in my right hand. I blink rapidly. My breathing is shallow almost forced really. My body aches all over. I look down at my legs, they are in casts under a flimsy sheet. I take a…

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Untitled #274 by daydreamnotebook featuring a knuckle midi ringSundress dress / Forever New motorcycle jacket, $120 / Black wedge heel shoes, $42 / Marvel comics messenger bag, $42 / LeiVanKash knuckle midi ring / Michael Kors chronograph watch / Bead jewelry / Tech accessory, $13